Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're Talking All-Star Game, Not Elephant Noises!

Yeah, I know my NBA Breakdown co-host is wetting his pants in anticipation of my best impersonation of this dude during our show this Sunday night...

But, I'm hear to say, it's a sad day when a grown radio talk show co-host gets a sick satisfaction at witnessing his dashing, younger and more marketable co-hosting colleague make animal noises. What has the state of the world come to when a disgusting and immature act is aired for our worldwide listeners to hear?!

Shame on you Audley Stephenson! Shame on you!

You see, unlike Audley, I'm looking forward to this Sunday SOLELY because of the NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix. Yes, there are some player injuries which will prevent us from seeing the full menu of the NBA's best talent, but it will still be an interesting game to watch. I hope Dwight Howard and Shaq will have a comedy routine on the court. That would be hilarious! Infact, I can't wait to have D12's Shaq impersonation as my ringtone.

Anyway Audley, enjoy your girly giggles this Sunday because it will NEVER happen again! I will even up our Fantasy Team Matchup season series. Oh yes, I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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