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Bball Breakdown #18

By: Coach Nick

Nick has been a coach for over 15 years at every level between 5th and 12th grades. He served as a basketball manager at the University of Wisconsin – Madison under head coach Stu Jackson and Assistant Coaches Stan Van Gundy (Orlando Magic Head Coach) and Sean Miller (Arizona Head Coach). He is a basketball historian and has conducted extensive interviews about the history of the game with such luminaries as Pete Newell, Tex Winter, Dean Smith, Bill Guthridge, and Herb Brown. He is a triangle offense guru, having cemented a relationship with Coach Winter while coaching in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles.

Nick is dedicated to the notion that you can’t be the best basketball player you can be until you’re the best person you can be.

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The Bulls #1 Defense vs. the Cavs #30 Defense or Why The Cavs Stink

Coach Nick breaks down the team defense of Tom Thibodeau's Bulls and Byron Scott's Cavaliers - showing you how important defensive philosophy and execution is. Part of getting players to buy into the system is making it clear what they're buying into.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dave & Audley Celebrate 100 Episodes of The Breakdown!

Join Dave & Audley as they celebrate their 100th episode of The Breakdown and reflect on some the great guests that have rolled through the show.

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The Breakdown -For hoops talk, the way it should be!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Straight From The Rook #17

Mat MacDonald AKA The Rook The Rook is currently enrolled in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. A frequent contributor to all NBA and Raptors debates along with other sports. Witty, quick and never afraid of a challenge, Mat's here to talk hoops with you and dish out his two cents whenever!

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Canadian Breakdown

In what may go down as one of the most improbable Final Four brackets in NCAA history, this yearʼs version of March Madness has completely lived up to the name.

If your name is Sherman Hamilton, or youʼre living in the Richmond area, then yes, you expected this to happen - why wouldnʼt you? And if youʼre a fan of child-looking coaching staffs and repeat Cinderella performances, then again, you expected this.

Iʼd be lying to you if I didnʼt think Shaka Smart wasnʼt a politician the first time I heard his name dropped. Iʼd also be lying to you if I told you that of course I knew UCONN would win five straight games just to make it into the tournament and Kemba Walker would increase his draft stock like a Pamela Anderson boob job.

But I didnʼt.

Without a doubt, this may be some of the best basketball ever seen in the month of March. With nearly every game coming down to the final three minutes, fans have been on the edge of their seats constantly.

And how great it is!

In a year where the NBA is focused on superhero teams and lockout discussions, finally we get a look at players who arenʼt playing for the big money - right now - but for the love of the game, their family, and their respected schools.

Brackets have been busted and presidents upset, the stunning uprise of VCU, the shocking defeat of Duke and the always lackluster Kansas performance has created twists and turns.

While all of these great stories have created drama on the big stage, itʼs time to take a look at the Canadians who showed up and represented for their country. After Marquetteʼs loss to UNC, the final Canadian was knocked out of the tournament, so without further ado hereʼs to you, Cana-ballers.

Junior Cadougan: Junior had a solid year at Marquette coming off a knee injury. While he only averaged four points per game and played limited minutes, it was his energy that helped Marquette make it to the Sweet 16. Against West Virginia, Cadougan was huge scoring 15 points and dishing out five assists.

As the tournament went on, his play only got stronger. In a losing effort Cadougan was able to have another double-digit scoring effort with 10 points while handing out another five assists. With one healthy season under his belt, the skyʼs the limit for the stud out of Toronto.

Bryson Johnson: Perhaps one of the most unknown Canadians in the tournament, Johnson had the tough task of matching up in the first round with the streaking UCONN Huskies and Kemba Walker. Johnson, a perimeter player out of Pictou, Nova Scotia, was huge for Bucknell as they won their conference title and secured their spot in the big boy bracket.

Johnson finished the season 10th in three-point shots made (99), and in the top-50 in three point percentage shooting a blistering 46 percent. In just his second season, Johnson took his game to new levels and proved that even though heʼs from a town smaller than your local grocery store employee list, hard work pays off.

Kyle Johnson: We caught up with Kyle before his first round matchup with UNC, and you could smell the excitement coming off him. Kyleʼs put in more work than a lot of people and itʼs paid off big time. Representing for Long Island University, Kyle lead his team to an SEC-Title and played solid all season long.

Averaging 10 points per game, Johnson was able to lead the Blackbirds to their best season in recent history. Now after finishing the tournament, heʼll focus on training to participate with the British national team this summer. Joining Kyle on the Blackbirds are fellow Canadians Arnold Mayorga, Robinson Odoch Opong and Troy Joseph.

Kris Joseph: Montrealʼs own Kris Joseph had another stellar season for the Syracuse Orangemen and looked to be on his way deep into the national tournament. Unfortunately, rankings donʼt mean everything. The third year star averaged 14.3 points per game on the season and had a stellar tournament.

In his final game agains the aforementioned Cadougan and Marquette, Joseph finished with 12 points and nine rebounds. Josephʼs draft stock is high in the NBA right now, but with one more year left on his college career and unfinished business, donʼt be surprised to see him back for one more season.

Of course, there were two groups of Canadians representing two schools in the NCAA. When you think Canada, you usually either think of Texas or Gonzaga. Who doesnʼt know the names Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson by now? Who hasnʼt heard Robert Sacreʼs name for the past ten years?

Gonzagaʼs connection: The trio of Mangisto Arop, Kelly Olynyk and Robert Sacre have been nothing but a blessing for Gonzaga and itʼs program. An always stellar program, the Zags have been able to continue their winning tradition with talent north of the border. Since his days of provincial team ball, Sacreʼs name has been linked to the NBA. After going through injuries early in his college career, one more season looks like it may put the big man back on the NBA map.

Kelly Olynyk, the sharp shooting seven foot big man out of Kamloops is another name to pay attention to. His ability to create off the dribble and shoot from deep makes him a threat against any team. And finally, Manny Arop the Edmonton native continues to bring his athletic game into the Gonzaga backcourt. With the core staying together, another year of Gonzaga basketball can only scare the rest of the field.

Texas: Joseph seems to be a trending name in College basketball. We had Kris Joseph in Syracuse, Devoe Joseph for Oregon, and now his brother Cory playing for Texas. Perhaps one of the best guards in the country, Joseph proved that heʼs not only focused on becoming the best at the point in college, but hopefully one day in the NBA. On the year Joseph averaged a quiet ten points, but it wasnʼt so much his numbers as it was his leadership and ability to be a floor general that made him so valuable to Texas. The addition of Myck Kobongo next season into the Longhorn backcourt automatically makes Texas a title threat.

Along side Joseph is long-time friend and teammate Tristan Thompson.

Thompson had arguably the best season of his career at any level averaging 13.1 points per game along with seven rebounds and a huge showing in the NCAA Tournament. As a freshman, Thompson turned heads and proved that even though he was young his skill was seasoned. Thompson had some monster games this season including a huge double-double effort against Kansas St. with 26 points and 10 rebounds. On the season, the Brampton native finished with ten double-doubles. Currently heʼs undecided if heʼll return to college or pursue his NBA dream. Regardless, the futureʼs bright for the young freshman.

Of course, these arenʼt the only Canadians who have ever made or will make the tournament, but itʼs great to see the game developing and expanding across North America.

Keep your eyes on these kids because one day you may too be paying to watch them play.


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Welcome To Our 100th Episode Party!!!

It's FINALLY here!!

Our 100th episode!!!!!!!!!! Wow, we can't believe it. We've been going strong ever since our first episode aired on September 7th 2008. Now, we get to celebrate and we want YOU to join in on the festivities! You can hear this special episode this Sunday night at 9pm EST!

We've had so many great guests roll through over the years. From NBA All-Stars to Hall of Famers to NBA Champions to Slam Dunk Contest Champs to even an Academy Award winner! What a ride this has been and it's just getting better! We'll be featuring many hilarious sound bites from past episodes, so there's no doubt you'll have fun listening.

Except if you're this guy...

Regardless, it'll be a great time. Even Jack is psyched.

Alright folks, get ready for Breakdown Episode #100!! It's coming your way this Sunday night! We'll catch up with you then!

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Mic Boogie: Excited

My man, Mic Boogie has officially released the video to his latest single, "Excited" featuring Renny Holladae. The song was produced by DZL Beats and was directed by Marc Andre Debruyne.

It's a hot video that features two hosts of a basketball talk show that you just might recognize.

Check out the video and of course request it on Much Music, Much Vibe and Rap City!

Stevano of the U.G.O. Crew Stops By!

Dave and Audley got a chance to catch up with Stevano, lead rapper of the Canadian group, U.G.O. (Under Ground Officials) Crew. The urban music group have been on a sweet little run as of late which includes a tour with the Digable Planets across Europe, a Toronto show with Fabolous and they collaborated with Sean Kingston on a Juno nominated track called "Change".

Stevano lets us know which popular group he would compare their style to, their connection to Heat guard, Dwyane Wade and what the U.G.O. Crew has planned in the future.

It's a cool chat.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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Straight From The Rook #16

Mat MacDonald AKA The Rook The Rook is currently enrolled in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. A frequent contributor to all NBA and Raptors debates along with other sports. Witty, quick and never afraid of a challenge, Mat's here to talk hoops with you and dish out his two cents whenever!

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Johnson Ready For The Big Show

You may not know a lot about Long Island University basketball program. You might not even know about Kyle Johnson. One thing’s for sure though - you’ll remember both by the end of March.

Coming out of Canada, Kyle had always dreamed of making it to the NCAA tournament and making his mark on the big stage. All he had to do was get there first.

Now, with an opening round matchup against the illustrious North Carolina Tar Heels, Johnson gets that chance.

An alumni of the PHASE 1 basketball program, Johnson’s gone through a lot to get to where he’s at today. Lead by Wayne Dawkins, Johnson gives a ton of credit to both Coach Dawkins and the program for his success. We got a chance to talk to Kyle about his thoughts before the tournament, PHASE 1, and his thoughts on international ball and how Canadians are making their mark south of the border.

Mat MacDonald: How much do you think working with Coach Dawkins and PHASE 1 helped your success today

Kyle Johnson: Coach Dawkins and PHASE 1 has helped me a great deal with my basketball development and success today. Coach Dawkins is great at critiquing each individuals basketball game and he focuses on the development of each individual player. He sees weaknesses in your game that you might not know you have, and focuses on how to turn those weaknesses into your
strengths. I have been a part of PHASE 1 since high school, and every offseason I always come back to work out with the programs PHASE 1 has to offer because I can be sure to get quality workouts and get something out of my off season to help me get better.

MM: Coming into the season what were some of the main things you focused on in preparing for the year?

KJ: Coming into the season I focused a lot on being a better leader, as well as my defence and ball handling. In the offseason I spent my time working out with the PHASE 1 training camps, and it was great. Coach Dawkins got some new equipment he used to help me with my speed and agility as well as conditioning.

MM: How does it feel to come out of Ontario and find yourself leading your team into one of the biggest tournaments in all of sports?

KJ: It feels great coming out of Ontario and leading my team into one of the biggest tournaments in all of sports. I remember my freshman year my team was picked to finish last in our conference, and now in my senior year we finished off with one of the best records our conference has ever seen. We also have four Canadians on this team.

MM: What's been the biggest benefit you've received from PHASE 1?

KJ: The biggest benefit I received from PHASE 1 is the opportunity to train and improve my game every year. PHASE 1 expands every year with new equipment and training techniques which helps me get better as a player because I am always looking to improve and I spend a lot of my training time with PHASE 1.

MM: Looking ahead to the future what are your goals after this season? With PHASE 1?

KJ: After the season my goals with PHASE 1 are to continue doing what I do every off season, and that is train and work hard on getting better so I can prepare for the next level.

MM: How are you going to prepare for the British National team once your season's over?

KJ: To prepare for the British National Team I am going to work out hard as well as watch a lot of film on myself from this past season and look at my weaknesses, this way I will be able to eliminate some of them and improve as a basketball player.

MM: How does it feel to play a team like UNC first round?

KJ: It is going to be a great experience playing UNC in the NCAA Tournament first round. Growing up everyone always talks about how great of a program North Carolina and Duke are and the great players that attended school there. I'm a competitor and look forward to the challenge.

MM: How will you match up against their guards?

KJ: North Carolina is a big and physical team, they lead the nation in rebounding, but we are not far behind we are 3rd in the nation in rebounding. We have to limit their transition baskets and keep them off the offensive glass because those are things they are exceptional at.

MM: Do you enjoy being an "underdog"?

KJ: I love the fact that we are underdogs, we have a opportunity to be a Cinderella team and put a lot of pressure on anyone we face. We will not be a easy out for anyone!

MM: Coming out of Canada and seeing all these Canadian players now playing in the NCAA, do you think that Canada as a country is catching up to the US?

KJ: I believe that Canada is growing with basketball but it has not yet caught up to the U.S. The U.S. puts a lot more money into basketball and there is still a lot more exposure when it comes to basketball out here. Our country has grown so much over the years when it comes to basketball, and I can’t wait to see where it goes as there are so many talented basketball players in Canada.
With his sights on a another title and millions watching across North America and the world, you can bet that when the lights turn on and the opening tip happens Friday night, Johnson and his boys will be ready.

Johnson’s fairy-tale season came up short. His team lost to UNC by double-digits and Kyle struggled with foul trouble the whole game.

One thing’s for sure, Kyle lived out the dream.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Scot Pollard Visits The Breakdown

The one, the only, former Sacramento Kings big man, who is always ready to make you laugh, Scot Pollard is here! In this interview, you'll find out many things including his opinion of Phil Jackson and the hazards of leaving your "barn door" open.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.

The Breakdown-For hoops talk, the way it should be!

Inside the Locker Room: Andrei Kirilenko

In our ongoing Inside the Locker Room segment, we caught up with Utah Jazz forward, Andrei Kirilenko.

The versatile Russian forward let us in on a new language he's working on, his thoughts on the NBA playing regular season games in Europe and why he would love to be half Canadian.

He's also a big hockey fan which shouldn't come as a surprise to most people considering that he is Russian.

Well, most people with the exception of Dave!

Click here to listen to the interview.

The Breakdown - For hoops talk, the way it should be!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Andrei Kirilenko & Scot Pollard Talk NBA Stuff!

How's it going everybody?!

This Sunday at 9pm EST, you're in for some good times as usual. In our Inside The Locker Room segment, Audley and I had a chance to hang out with Utah Jazz forward, Andrei Kirilenko! He's a cool guy who will share his thoughts on the NBA playing regular season games in Europe plus he'll show off a new language he's learned.

Also on the program, we have the one, the only, former Sacramento Kings big man who is always ready to make you laugh, Scot Pollard!

In this interview, you'll find out many things including his opinion of Phil Jackson and what his name would be if he was a professional wrestler.

Guaranteed, Scot will put a smile on your face.

Get ready because the laughs begin this Sunday night! We'll catch up then!

The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stumped By The Schwab!

Dave & Audley are joined by the star of the ESPN trivia show, Stump The Schwab which aired from July 2004 to September 2006.

The man himself, Howie Schwab is on the show to discuss what he's up to now, his time on STS and he'll be hosting a basketball trivia showdown between Dave & Audley that you don't want to miss.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.

The Breakdown with Dave & Audley - For hoops talk, the way it should be!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Janet Jackson Delivers a Winning Performance!

Remember the feeling you had back in '95 when you first learned Michael Jordan was making his comeback to the NBA after concluding a minor league baseball career?

I don't know about you but I was mixed with both intrigue and excitement at the thought of #23 lacing up his kicks and returning to the basketball court to once again, dominate.

He was back on his stage doing what he was meant to do.

Well, a similar wave of emotions came over me on Saturday night when Janet Jackson took stage at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts for her Number Ones: Up Close and Personal tour.

The five time Grammy winning artist returned for the first of two back-to-back shows and gave a Jordan like performance that featured classic songs like What Have You Done For Me Lately, Doesn’t Really Matter, Escapade, When I Think Of You and my personal favourite, Rhythm Nation.

If you've seen her perform live in the past, you definitely would have noticed a change. Much the same way Jordan didn’t jump as high as he did in the past or attack the rim with the same ferocity, the R&B-pop-dance diva's show was different.

The smaller more intimate venue really gave the 3,200 fans in attendance a chance to get up close and personal to the dance pop star and the crowd hung on to every note and giggle for the entire performance.

It was an awesome show and Janet's tribute to her brother Michael (Jackson) that featured several black and white photos from their childhood and snippets of their duet video, Scream, was a perfect way to conclude the evening.

Just like we've seen Jordan do on a nightly basis, MJ's little sister delivered in the clutch!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Utah Jazz Euro Connection

After the Toronto Raptors and New Jersey Nets played back to back games in London, England, Dave & Audley thought they would head into the Utah Jazz locker room to find out what Jazz players thought about the idea of playing regular season games in Europe.

Highlights from Episode #21 of The Breakdown

Dave and Audley were back at it once again and this time they were pleased to be joined by a walking encyclopedia of sport information. None other than Howie Schwab of the ESPN show, "Stump The Schwab".

As well, the guys were also joined by Nick Gelso of CLNS

The Breakdown with Dave and Audley is your home for hoops talk, the way it should be!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ESPN's, Howie Schwab Talks Basketball Trivia!

What's up y'all?!!

This Sunday, we have an intriguing featured guest who will be stopping by. He starred in the ESPN trivia show, Stump The Schwab which aired from July 2004 to September 2006. The man himself, Howie Schwab joins us to discuss what he's up to now, his time on STS and he'll be hosting a basketball trivia showdown between Audley and I! You'll get a chuckle out of that guaranteed.

As well, our friend, Nick Gelso from The Celtics Late Night Show Radio Network will drop by to talk about the C's and general NBA News.
Alright, we'll catch up with you this Sunday at 9pm EST!

The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kings,Bobby Jackson Stops By The Breakdown

Bobby Jackson was a spark plug off the Sacramento Kings bench as part of those great Chris Webber led teams in he 90's.

Well, this former 6th man of the year award winner joins Dave and Audley to talk about the good old days. Plus Bobby provides a special treat by an impersonation of none other than Dikembe Mutombo himself.

Trust me, it's worth the price of admission!

The Breakdown with Dave & Audley is your home for hoops talk, the way it should be!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Highlights from Episode #20 of The Breakdown

What's happening y'all!

This was a big week folks in the world of The Breakdown - You see, Dave & Audley were pleased to announce the winner of The Slam/Breakdown Trivia Challenge!

That's right, Robyn from Toronto called in with the correct answer and scored herself an amazing Slam Prize Pack!

Special shout out to our good friends at Slam Magazine for making it happen once again!

Click here to listen to the entire episode.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buzzing Around The New Orleans Hornets Locker Room

The Breakdown with Dave & Audley recently took a trip into the New Orleans Hornets locker room to get the player's thoughts on a recent edition of Slam Magazine.

You see, the good folks at Slam put together a list of the 500 Greatest Players in the NBA and Dave & Audley wanted to hear what some of the Hornets had to say.

The Breakdown - For hoops talk, the way it should be!

The Wright Way - Straight, No Chaser #7

By: Sharone Wright

Sharone Wright was an All-state performer at Macon's Southwest high school as a McDonald's All-American. He played basketball for 3 years in the prestigious ACC conference at Clemson University where he is one of it's top 10 all-time players. Sharone was drafted 6th overall by Philadelphia in 1994 and also played for the Toronto Raptors. After 5 years in the NBA, he went to Europe as a player for 7 years and now coaches.



I’m a product of a basketball powerhouse in Macon Georgia called Southwest High school. It's a huge school and even bigger in sports history because of one man’s teachings.

Donald "Duck “Richardson was a father figure and a bball God to all people in the south. He changed lives with his teachings and his basketball knowledge. He was a cross between Bobby Knight, Attila the Hun and Vito Corleone. I still have night mares about some of the lessons that he taught me.

But ya know what, it all helped in becoming a man.

At these so called powerhouses it seems you had everything from equipment, shoes and different clothes and such. It was a good situation especially because it was hard time in the 80s and 90s. Everyone was struggling back then even more than now. It was like a boarding school but you got to go home. We even had study hall and Nike was a sponsor so we got free shoes, bags and clothes.

Before the AAU teams existed there were just programs that even played throughout the summer. If not for the Boston Shootout program back then, I’d probably would have spent my days in the Southwest gym all day throughout the summer. There were others too. Hyattsville Dematha, Mater Dei in California, Chicago's King High School, Jersey Cities St. Anthony High School, New York’s Christ the King High School, St Raymond's High school, Atlanta Douglas High School and so on. Only a handful of these were around back then.

But there is one school that you could say is an assembly line for NBA players.

Oak Hill Academy is the Ford Company of high school basketball and has a long history of producing great players.

I guess you could argue that they were already good players when they got to Oak Hill because they played on other high school programs and teams but I’m told Oak Hill can make or break you.

With Legendary Coach Steve Smith at the helm, they've amassed one heck of a record in his tenure.

He's had incredible success.

• National Champs: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007
• Runners-Up: 1990, 1992, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2009

In basketball life, everyone knows that you can be the best coach in the world but if you don’t have players you'll never be successful. I agree.

That’s why you have to recruit well. But when you’re at Oak Hill, you don’t have to spend a lot of time recruiting because your success will attract the best players.

Let’s name a few:

Carmelo Anthony- New York Knicks
Michael Beasley – Minnesota T-Wolves
Sagana Diop – Charlotte Bobcats
Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City Thunder
Stephen Jackson – Charlotte Bobcats
Brandon Jennings – Milwaukee Bucks
Ty Lawson – Denver Nuggets
Rajon Rondo – Boston Celtics
Josh Smith – Atlanta Hawks
Jerry Stackhouse – Former first round pick of the Philadelphia 76ers

Let's not forget the great Rod Strickland!

It's players like these that made Oak Hill a pipeline for greatness.

Nowadays it’s the AAU program and its greediness that conquers high school ball.

It’s amazing to see how much of these kids and parents get exploited.

If you have a kid that’s a very good ball player, 9 times out of 10 your kid will be on an AAU team and will be treated like a king. I’ve seen it as an AAU coach.

I know some of these coaches and programs are out for the good of the kids but not many. It’s almost as bad as the shoe companies. The shoes companies are exploiting kids as well. It’s because of them why it's easy for families and coaches to trade kids off for shoes, money and gear.

It’s ridiculous when you think of it but it’s a real thing. Nike and Adidas are waging a real war to get the best talent in America. They go as far as visiting middle school games and rec league games.

I think that's going too far, unless you have parents that don’t care and only think about money and prestige. But for the parents like me who also want my kids to enjoy the game and learn the game, we know and want better.

What’s behind the New York Gauchos, Atlanta Stars, Atlanta Celtics, Alabama Ice, Riverside Church, Lebrons AAU squad or Dwayne Wade’s? Well it may be money or it may be for the betterment of the kids. Check the bank accounts of the coaches and handlers and you’ll find out.

But what’s crazy is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I think all of the good coaches and programs are dead now. I know my own high school program is shot now. No more high school all Americans, no great teams and no more packed gyms complete with scouts drooling.

Holiday tournaments that meant something are gone and the real teaching of the game is non existent. The hoop scoop magazine and BC camps are all over in the south.

Gone are Nike ABCD camps that showcased players like myself, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill. We'll never have an opportunity to see this kind of basketball ever again. Nor will we see the grueling summer camps that either made you into a real player or broke you.

Will we ever see another Don Richardson (Southwest Macon), Morgan Wooten (Dematha), Bob Hurley Sr (St Anthony’s), Steve Smith (Oak Hill)?

These coaches are rare and legendary in that they teach the game in a unique and old school way and they aren't compromised like AAU handlers and coaches are.

I’m not saying older school coaches didn’t or don’t enjoy little perks, but it’s no way to the extent that the coaches and AAU guys are doing now. I'm all for saving the game from being exploited this way and what better than to go where it starts. The high school ranks.

I know Dr. Naismith would roll over in his grave if he knew how it’s become. Of course that would be after he cashes his billion dollar check for inventing the great game of basketball.

To me it’s like the being at an auction and bidding on players that are just teenagers.

I'll bid $60,000 on that Lebron Kid from Ohio.

Going once, going twice? Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the man named Phil Knight in the corner.

Straight no chaser.