Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome To Our 100th Episode Party!!!

It's FINALLY here!!

Our 100th episode!!!!!!!!!! Wow, we can't believe it. We've been going strong ever since our first episode aired on September 7th 2008. Now, we get to celebrate and we want YOU to join in on the festivities! You can hear this special episode this Sunday night at 9pm EST!

We've had so many great guests roll through over the years. From NBA All-Stars to Hall of Famers to NBA Champions to Slam Dunk Contest Champs to even an Academy Award winner! What a ride this has been and it's just getting better! We'll be featuring many hilarious sound bites from past episodes, so there's no doubt you'll have fun listening.

Except if you're this guy...

Regardless, it'll be a great time. Even Jack is psyched.

Alright folks, get ready for Breakdown Episode #100!! It's coming your way this Sunday night! We'll catch up with you then!

The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!!!

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