Thursday, March 17, 2011

Andrei Kirilenko & Scot Pollard Talk NBA Stuff!

How's it going everybody?!

This Sunday at 9pm EST, you're in for some good times as usual. In our Inside The Locker Room segment, Audley and I had a chance to hang out with Utah Jazz forward, Andrei Kirilenko! He's a cool guy who will share his thoughts on the NBA playing regular season games in Europe plus he'll show off a new language he's learned.

Also on the program, we have the one, the only, former Sacramento Kings big man who is always ready to make you laugh, Scot Pollard!

In this interview, you'll find out many things including his opinion of Phil Jackson and what his name would be if he was a professional wrestler.

Guaranteed, Scot will put a smile on your face.

Get ready because the laughs begin this Sunday night! We'll catch up then!

The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!!!

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