Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Does LeBron Stack Up?

On Tuesday night, LBJ turned 24 years old. How crazy is that? He's been kicking ass in the NBA for six seasons now. His accomplishments are ridiculous for such a young man. I predict once Kobe breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA all-time scoring mark, the superstar kid from Akron, Ohio will leap frog the purple and gold assassin and truly become the King. But, in the meantime, let's take a look at how LeBron's accolades stack up to other famous 24 year olds from the past:

LeBron -- soon to be 5-Time All-Star, 2-Time All-Star Game MVP, 1 NBA Scoring Title, 1 NBA Finals appearance, 2003-04 Rookie Of The Year Award Winner, 2003 1st overall draft pick, averaged 3o or more points per game twice in a season. Now, he just needs to win a ring like his buddy D-Wade.

Michael Jordan -- NCAA Champion, NCAA Player
Of The Year, 1 NBA All-Star Game MVP, 4-Time NBA All-Star, 2-Time Slam Dunk Champion, 1984-85 Rookie Of The Year Award Winner, 1 NBA Scoring Title, had highest scoring average in a season (37.1 ppg in 1986-87) since Wilt Chamberlain racked up 44.8 ppg in 1962-63. Man, Jordan was lethal back in the day. He was even kind enough to give Spike Lee a great start to his career thanks to all those Nike commercials they did together. What a nice guy that MJ is.

Kobe Bryant -- 3-Time NBA Champion, 5-Time NBA All-Star, 1 NBA All-Star Game MVP, 1997 Slam Dunk Champion, averaged 30 ppg in 2002-03 season. But, Shaq had nothing to do with it. Really, he didn't.

Tiger Woods -- 1997 Masters Champion, 1999 PGA Championship Winner, he changed the face of golf forever, he was the world's number 1 ranked player various times plus he made tons of cash and still does today.

Dwight "Doc" Gooden -- 1986 World Series Champion, 1985 NL Cy Young Award Winner, 4-Time NL All-Star, 1984 NL Rookie Of The Year Winner, 1 NL ERA Title , 2 NL Strikeout Titles and led Major Leagues with 24 wins in 1985. What a shame his potential Hall Of Fame career nosedived when drugs, alcohol and injuries invaded his body. He is the ultimate "What If" athlete.

Finally, there's the one, the only, Gary Coleman -- By the time he turned 24 in 1992, his Different Strokes money was used up. His guest appearances on The Jeffersons, Facts Of Life and Good Times were nothing but a long distant memory. But, at least, he could still get paid for saying "Whatcha Talkin' Bout Willis?" at geeky trade shows. Yep, Gary was living the dream back then. But seriously, we hear G.C. is doing well nowadays, so we're happy for him.

And I'm sure LeBron is too. Okay, maybe not. Sorry Gary.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big German Is Simply The Best

No offence to the late Drazen Petrovic, but Dirk Nowitzki is the most talented and productive European player ever to suit up in an NBA uniform. Yeah, you hear people say "Drazen was a lethal shooter". Well, so is Dirk and much more. Mainly the talk concerning Drazen was about "what if" he wasn't killed in a car accident. The bottom line is, unfortunately, it happened, so he didn't get the chance to maximize his potential. No doubt it was tragic, but it's the facts. Even if he did survive, he still wouldn't have had Nowitzki's versatility offensively. The 7-foot former NBA MVP is a threat inside and out which has made Dirk a defensive nightmare for opponents on a consistent basis. He's averaged over 20 ppg eversince his third NBA season back in 2000-01. There's no doubt Drazen would have had a terrific career, but in the end, he didn't possess Nowitzki's physical gifts and versatile offensive talent. So, the next time you hear your buddies discussing who is the best Euro ever to play in the NBA and one of your friends mention Drazen as the top guy, feel free to smack your buddy in the head and make him listen to a Ron Artest album. Dirk Rules!
PS --) Nowitzki's last name is pronounced "Noh-VIT-skee"!!!! I hate when TV sports broadcasters call him "Noh-wit-skee"!! Hey, all you TV anchors on Canadian sports TV networks, Dirk is GERMAN!! W's sound like V's in German!! Learn how to pronounce names correctly before you spit them out wrong to a national audience! For goodness sake, do your jobs right!!

Chicken Dave

Greetings y'all!!

If you had an opportunity to listen to "The Verdict" Episode #14 from December 7, 2008, then you'd know this post has been adequately titled.

If you haven't - feel free to visit the archives to check it out.

Basically, Dave and I squared off in a head to head battle in our fantasy league and the loser had to cackle like a chicken.

Priceless stuff!!

My question to you is, do you agree with Foghorn Leghorn?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome To The Official NBA Breakdown Blog!

Yes, Audley and I are officially a part of the basketball blog universe! Just because we're here doesn't mean we're going to change our motto. We plan to always give you hoops talk, the way it should be, but in our blog, it'll be in print form. Audley and I will not only discuss The NBA Breakdown (even though it's the world's most entertaining internet radio basketball talk show that airs Sundays at 9pm EST at, but we'll also deliver our different opinions regarding current basketball news, all-time hoops topics and anything else basketball-related. So, buckle up. Put on your favorite Anderson Varejao-custom made fro and check out our blog everyday of your life!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


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