Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Got Your Back

Actor in a Supporting Role

Lamar Odom gets the nod for his supporting role with the Lakers this year.

We probably wouldn't have said this two months into the season when he was leading the charge off the bench with the second unit but Odom has turned things around dramatically.

His skills were never in doubt - we're talking about a 6'10 forward who can rebound and lead the fast beak all in one fluid motion. Let's not forget that when Lamar came into the league, his passing skills were compared to some dude named Magic Johsnon. The injury to Andrew Bynum certainly had a lot to do with Odom's resurgence and gritty work on the boards. His role is clearly defined and he's playing with a renewed confidence. The NBA is made up of dozens and dozens of players who answered the call when given the opportunity and Lamar is one of them.

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