Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Down With The King?

The LeBron/Kobe debate really heated up when Barack came out and annointed KB #24 as the "best player in the world".

So now that you've heard from the Prez and my little buddy Dave, it's time to flip the coin and check out the other side.

Nobody's doubting that Kobe is off the chain - he's a ridiculous scorer with a true killer instinct. Plus his will to win and desire to utterly humiliate his opponents put him on another planet.

The thing is Kobe, you're not alone.

You see, there's this 6'8 monster named LeBron who has more than enough physical gifts and greatness to snatch the crown off of you and place it on his own head.

We're so used to seeing him dominate that we often forget that he's only played five full season in the league. Whereas Jellybean Joe Bryant's favourite Laker has been around for 13 seasons.

Take a good look at the stats and you'll see that LeBron's footprint has left a bigger imprint on the game at the five year mark than Kobe did.

Kobe - 6,178
Lebron - 10,689

Kobe - 1,141
Lebron - 2,572

Kobe - 1,353
Lebron - 2,692

Hey guys, I don't make up this stuff - the facts speak for themselves.

LeBron has been just as impactful as Kobe with the exception of the 3 rings Kobe garnered playing alongside Shaq.

LeBron has the speed of a fleeing gazelle, the intensity of a caged beast and the heart of a lion. His intangibles make him equally as dangerous as the player formerly known as #8 plus he's poised to take the game to another level.

The fact that this debate is taking place speaks to how good he really is and why he's got people throwing their hands in the air in amazement.

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