Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Catch the Draftbug!

Draftbug is a new site offering daily fantasy basketball contests. Pick a team today and see how your team does tonight. Players can enter free contests, or play in real money contests with entry fees as low as $1. Deposits can be made via credit card or Paypal, and withdrawals are made via personal check. Registration is free and takes less than one minute.

Most Draftbug contests use a salary cap format, where you can pick whatever players you want to fill the required roster slots, as long as you don’t exceed the salary cap for the contest. Points are scored based on various statistics accumulated by your players during that day’s games, and the teams that score the most points win cash prizes.

A variety of strategies can be employed successfully to win at Draftbug:
-Use players who are available at bargain prices
-Use players who have favorable match-ups in today’s games
-Avoid players who may be limited by injuries (hint: mouse over hyperlinked player names in Draftbug to see injury status)
-Consider whether to go with ‘safe’ players or a more risky strategy. Your decision may depend on the size of the contest you enter

Use the promo code "breakdown" to get started!

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