Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Wants My Ron Artest Concert Tickets?

When you hear our interview with former NBA player, Maurice Taylor on The NBA Breakdown this Sunday at 9pm Eastern, he'll reveal what it's like to check out the one, the only, Ron Artest in concert. When Mo described the spectacle. you could tell Ron's musical showcase was definitely an "interesting" experience. I'm sure it was the equivalent of us seeing Audley wear Jheri Curls in a red sparkly dress while singing the Supremes tune, "Stop! In the Name Of Love". Yeah, not pretty. There's no question Mo's former teammate is a terrific all-around basketball player. Artest is still one of the NBA's best lock-down defenders, but when Ron-Ron decided to test out his vocal chops in his debut CD, "My World" which was released October 31st 2006, I think most basketball fans cringed. Anyway, let's hope Ron sticks to hoops instead of giving the world songs like "Hood Luhv" and "La La Ladies". We don't need him being in the center of any more riots.

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