Monday, January 12, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....

Ask any sports psychologist and they'll tell you confidence is a key factor to success in sports. If you don't believe you'll hit the next free throw, make the game winning shot or shut down your opponent defensively then you've lost before you even stepped on the court.

Ask Nick Anderson what the lack of confidence did to his career after he missed four consecutive free throws in the 1995 Finals. Had he hit them, Orlando would have sealed a victory and taken Game 1.

To simply put it, basketball is 10% skill/ability and 90% mental.

Regular listeners of The NBA Breakdown would know Dave Mendonca, my overly confident co-host who often refers to himself as "5-7 of Pure Basketball Fury". This proves that even the most lowly skilled individual can gain confidence through a shot of positive encouragers.

The Minnesota T-Wolves are playing with a lot of grit and determination and possess more than enough young talent to divert Kevin McHale's attention away from us bloggers.

With five wins in a row, they're on their longest winning streak since 2005 which is making T-Wolves management optimistic about the future.

Most of what they do starts with Al Jefferson but the reality is others have to help tow the line. Since the team dismissed Randy Wittman as head coach in December, role players like Randy Foye, Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Kevin Love, Craig Smith, Carney and even Cardinal are contributing much more.

They've all stepped in at different points and displayed the poise and confidence needed for the team to be successful.

Whether you're a determined little engine trying to get over the mountain, the young upstart Minnesota T-Wolves or an undersized radio host that nicknames himself - you stand zero chance of success if you don't believe in yourself.

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