Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grant Hill: Where Has Your Flattop Gone?

Let's flashback to the early 1990s. Grant Hill was part of a special Duke Blue Devils squad which captured back-to-back NCAA titles from 1991-1992. But, what gets lost in importance is, during that time, Hill joined a sacred fraternity. Yes, he became a part of the FLATTOP Brotherhood. It was a select group of legendary men including the likes of:

Chris Mullin

Kendall Gill


KID N' PLAY!!! You remember those talented guys. Man, I hear Audley still has House Party movie marathons at his place! Anyway, my point is, Grant Hill was once on the same level as these incredible human beings. However, that came to an end when he decided to change his hairdo. It was unfortunate for humankind to stomach because Hill's flattop was truly special. His former Duke teammate, Antonio Lang will explain why on The NBA Breakdown this Sunday at 9pm Eastern. In the meantime, we encourage all of you to send Grant Hill and the Phoenix Suns e-mails, letters, Facebook/MySpace messages and phone calls, requesting he wear a flattop again. We have been deprived for too long. Let's bring this innovative hairstyle back to the masses! With your help, we can make this happen. Operators are standing by.

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