Friday, February 4, 2011

Help Us Choose A Winner!

What's happening y'all!

The response to "The How Much Do I Dunk You Ticket Giveaway!" was great and all the video entries are officially in.

We narrowed it down to four finalists and now it's your turn to get in on the action!

So what's at stake?

*A chance to win a pair of lower bowl tickets to see super rookie Blake Griffin when he and his Clippers face the Raptors on February 13th
*An NBA Flip Camera courtesy of Flip Video
*A Raptors prize pack
*Meet & greet with Dave & Audley

Voting ends February 9th @ 11:59 pm so cast your vote for who you think did the best job and deserves to be the winner!

Check out the videos below.





The Breakdown - For hoops talk, the way it should be!!


  1. Wow Valentino has been going up gradually and everytime I am able to annoy my friends and family to get enough votes to pass him, he passes right back with 50-100 votes out of nowhere. Seems odd to me. I'm running out of resources.

    Anyway, good luck to my competitors!

  2. I am thinking the same thing Simon...makes me wonder

    Good luck

  3. Looks like a conspiracy. I say they should all be winners. It's only fair.

  4. Simon, I actually have a program that can check google polls for irregular IP and proxy use. I am seeing irregular patterns in IPs being used. Let me know if you want it and you can see for yourself. The leader seems to be going up almost a vote a minute for chunks at a time and then will not got a single vote for a number of hours. They're probably using proxies and voting for themself non-stop when they actually have time and are at the computer.

  5. I would hope that The Breakdown would investigate if cheating of any kind is suspected. You win some , you lose some (Just do it honestly)

  6. First off, Dave and I would like to thank everybody for their excitement and interest in "The How Much Do I Dunk You Ticket Giveaway Contest."

    We know leading up to the last days there was a great deal of speculation around whether "cheating" took place during the voting period.

    Please know that the situation was being monitored very closely early on and the participant in question was contacted directly. Unfortunately, when the matter was investigated a bit deeper, there wasn't enough conclusive data to support the claims that "cheating" actually took place.

    As a result, the final outcome will stand.

    While there only can be one grand prize we will ensure as a gesture of goodwill, that all participants will receive a prize courtesy of the Toronto Raptors and we'll be in touch with each entrant directly.

    Please note that steps have already been put in place to help minimize potential controversy for future promotions.

    Thanks for the support!