Friday, February 11, 2011

Bball Breakdown#13

By: Coach Nick

Nick has been a coach for over 15 years at every level between 5th and 12th grades. He served as a basketball manager at the University of Wisconsin – Madison under head coach Stu Jackson and Assistant Coaches Stan Van Gundy (Orlando Magic Head Coach) and Sean Miller (Arizona Head Coach). He is a basketball historian and has conducted extensive interviews about the history of the game with such luminaries as Pete Newell, Tex Winter, Dean Smith, Bill Guthridge, and Herb Brown. He is a triangle offense guru, having cemented a relationship with Coach Winter while coaching in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles.

Nick is dedicated to the notion that you can’t be the best basketball player you can be until you’re the best person you can be.

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Coach Nick breaks down a good game between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. When Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant got going, it was the Lakers who got the advantage. Doc Rivers still needs to adjust to teams that completely lay off Rajon Rondo, while Ray Allen broke the record for career three pointers made, formerly held by awful-shooting-form Reggie Miller.

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