Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Wright Way - No Chaser #6

By: Sharone Wright

Sharone Wright was an All-state performer at Macon's Southwest high school as a McDonald's All-American. He played basketball for 3 years in the prestigious ACC conference at Clemson University where he is one of it's top 10 all-time players. Sharone was drafted 6th overall by Philadelphia in 1994 and also played for the Toronto Raptors. After 5 years in the NBA, he went to Europe as a player for 7 years and now coaches.



So I was sitting on Facebook in my hotel room and I happen to get a message from an old teammate who told me to watch a video of Michael Jordan talking to Lebron James about his Nike commercial.

It was supposed to be retaliation for Lebron's jabs at Michael, Barkley and basically the whole basketball world for his decision and how he went about revealing that decision. This came from YouTube so immediately I wasn’t sure if it was real and I'm still thinking its not. Rarely does Michael Jordan (post playing career) indulge in such hoopla.

I feel like if everyone in their mama wants MJ to elaborate why he thinks Kobe Bryant is not better than he was then there’s no way he would waste time one this subject with Lebron.

It was basically though a pretty cool vid.

Look people, this was a decision that will live on in time. It’s the one free agent ordeal that will never die. It will go down in history as the biggest, bravest and misunderstood move in the history of our game. One can only wonder why Lebron left but one thing is totally clear in this whole thing. It was his choice.

So once and for all let me explain this so it can forever be explained. Free agency doesn’t mean that player will sign where you think he should sign. If James had signed with the Timberwolves, that would have been totally ok with me (and PRINCE too). None of us know why or what the feeling was for this man in Cleveland. And I think he just wanted to leave. I couldn’t see him winning a chip there and let’s be real about it; Cleveland isn’t the material city and its cold as hell most of the year. Asked if you’d like to transfer your job for more money from working in a plant in Cleveland to working in Miami on south beach. Come on that’s a no brainer. Get a life please

"Straight No Chaser" has been getting a lot of fans fiending for the next issue so I thought id boost my rating up with a little situation. Sources say that Baron Davis is in the dog house of Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It goes so deep that people are saying that Sterling is rousing Davis and poking fun at him for his apparent bad shape and his normal and not superstar play.

While I can understand that, I have to wonder if this is the end for Davis in Clipperland and the last road down a career that had a lot of promise. I can take you back just 5 years ago and Davis and his Warriors shocked the world beating the Mavs in the first round of the playoffs.

Although he had help from a variety of guys, it was Davis who was the MAN.

He slithered and sliced his way to carving up the Mavs and showing notice that he was still indeed a beast. Since then he has had some pretty bad injuries and also bad play. But I felt that Baron to the Clippers was a money move and it was a bad move for the style of play and the pieces around him. Remember that same month Elton Brand left unexpectedly... I thought that Baron at that stage of his career needed to be on a winner so he could elevate them... Some guys are leaders and I felt this was the time was right for Baron to go to a good team to show he could lead. That didn’t happen and Baron took the sacred fruit from Sterling.

With that fruit (money) comes with a whole lot of things. All of which I don’t think he was ready for. Let’s not forget the player that Baron can be and I don’t think he’s ready to hang it up;

Speaking of trades, who wouldn’t want to see Carmelo in a Knick uni? I know that I would. I mean it would be like the Boondocks on prime time TV!

The Knicks are already doing well this year. And Carmelo obviously doesn’t want to be in Denver. I think this is a match made in heaven. I'd be shocked if this doesn’t get done. If it doesn’t I’m gonna kick that guy on ESPN Chris Broussard’s butt.

He assured me that it would happen.

Critics are saying that the reason the Knicks are doing great this year is their schedule up to this point is soft. I say this.

Play the schedule that you’ve been given and forget the critics.

Critics don’t play ball and most have never played so whatever to them!

That was a jab at the commentators that have never done anything except eat donuts and watch the game.

But how about this for a rumour. Carmelo to the Lakers!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not I’ve heard that through my different friends, sources and colleagues. Don’t be shocked if it happens.

Seriously though, there a big problem brewing in the NBA. It’s secret but it’s not like Wiki- leakes.

My friend who’s a 12 year veteran told me that there’s an email going around to all of the NBA players telling them to save your money because there will be no checks paid this summer and maybe beyond that.

This, they say is because of the collective bargaining agreement coming to an end and there’s no compromise close in eight. This could be a bad time for the NBA. I mean the league is enjoying soo much success right now domestic and globally.

It’s the world’s game now. How can there be a work stoppage and we are maybe 6 years from having a global NBA league. Our game is as big as it’s ever been. Knowing Director Billy Hunter he will fight for what’s right and what is fair.

The same goes for David Stern and the owners. I’m hearing that the problem lies within the money that the players are making. I’m just wondering who signed those contracts anyway? What owner signed his John Hancock on Joe Johnson's contract? hmmmmmm,

Who signed Amare Stoudamire's deal?

BTW Who gave Rashad Lewis His deal?

All huge money deals.

Need I say more?

If you’re crying wolf over money then why continue to give the players that kinda money when some deserve it and some don’t.

Also there are about 17 franchises that have been selling out their arenas for years. With record highs in attendance lately. So the owners are making money for sure. Without putting blame on anyone, this is serious and it won’t get better until there’s compromise.

I remember playing in the NBA when we locked out one summer. It felt like we were on strike line picketing with signs. If it can be worked out let’s do it before Andrew Bynum gets hurt again and messes up my fantasy team. Geezzzzz.

The divorce settlement between the Washington wizards and Agent zero Gilbert Arenas aka the "Gunslinger" was finally solved this week as Arenas was sent packing to the Orlando Magic. If it were me I'd be happy as a lark singing.

See now Gilbert you have a fresh start.

You were already starting to heat up at the right time because John Wall was hurt so now you can go to a team that definitely wants you to be you and draw the defences that sag on Dwight Howard... I’m not so sure in the past that Orlando's opponents were bothered by Vince Carter's jump shot or driving abilities anymore.

And let’s not get started on Rashard Lewis' inability to hit a consistent jump shot or do anything past the regular season.

So it’s a win win situation for both teams. But for sure it’s a win for Orlando because they get also Jason Richardson who is enjoying a very good season and Orlando could really use his athletic ability and he’s shooting very well from the arc this season.

Getting Hedo back remains to be seen though.

If he can revert back to his old form as point forward, they will be tough to stop for anyone.

The Wiz don’t care who they got in the trade. They just wanted Arenas out of town like Green Bay wanted Brett Favre out of town. Tough question though. Where will Arenas play? I mean he’s a point guard that just has the ability to get his scoring going. He’s a tough guard for virtually anyone because he can score in bunches and he’s an above average passer.

With Jameer Nelson having a so-so season, one can only imagine what Van Gundy will do. With the Eastern Conference playoffs figuring to be thick, you need as many good guards as you can get. I believe this trade could end up helping the Magic down the stretch.

Ok time to give props to the players that are gettin it in!!!!!!!!

Lets start with Dwayne Wade, I mean we all know about the 11 game winning streak for the Heat and I thought they would have a couple of these but Wade has been a Wocka Flocka Flame!!!

Blake Griffin has already won the rookie of the year award. Why don’t they give it to him as a Christmas gift already? Man, give it to him so we can start voting for next season. He's been sharper than a Steve Harvey suit.

I know I’m always talking crap about Dwight Howard and his lack of offensive moves but I must admit that he’s gotten better and maybe it’s his working with Hakeem. This year he seems to be going even harder and has a couple of other ways to score. I like that. Plus he’s been Rodman-like on the boards. Getting 20 rebounds every other night. Props to Dwight for working hard this summer.

What hasn’t been said about the Inglewood superstar Paul Pierce? I mean have we even ever had a Paul Pierce for MVP discussion before? If not then this is the year for that talk. Pierce has been Larry Bird -like this year. I think its time to give Pierce the Royal Treatment that we bestow on sooo many players that haven’t necessarily deserved it. Pierce has always done this kinda work but it just seems more special this year for some reason. With Rondo out for a couple of weeks, there’s slack to be taken up.

Sometimes we over look the things that are important in life. It’s the holidays that show a person's true Heart. The little things are sooo easy to overlook in our busy on the go lives. My friend of over 22 years Brad is having a child this week. A very special child who has fought to be here. The love that comes with having a child is priceless. God Bless you and Amy and Beautiful Baby Claire. Happy Holidays to my family, friends and hundreds of teammates over the years.

See it’s not the gifts but the time, the love and being there for one another that makes this season so wonderful. It’s the friends & family that you have and how you love them and they love and support you. Like the stories that you don’t hear about.

Like Kobe Bryant giving $400,000 dollars to his old high school last year to help the school. Or Marquis Daniels helping Haitian orphans by flying them to Florida to help them and also doing camps in Haiti this summer.

Selfless acts by NBA players often go over looked. Charity starts with looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself but seeing others in need of assistance.

With great power comes great responsibility but it also comes with the chance to help others. Thank you NBA charities and NBA cares programs.

Give love on Christmas day.( mannnnnnn I love that song by Johnny Gill)

Straight no chaser.......


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