Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Word From Soma #6

By: Aly Somani

Aly Somani is a student of the game of basketball and the business of sports. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Aly decided to “take his talents” to New York City, where he pursued and completed his Masters degree at Columbia University in Manhattan. Aly has experience working with the National Basketball Players Association in a Career Development capacity with players and is now working on an entrepreneurial endeavor. He has a ‘Kobe’ like determination, and an immense passion for the game, we are delighted to have Aly join the NBA Breakdown. Check him out at http://www.alysomani.com/.


Why Erik Dampier is the missing piece for a Miami Heat NBA Championship.

On October 29, 2010, Erick Dampier signed a one-year deal worth $2.08 million with the Houston Rockets. Oddly, 9 days later on November 7, the Houston Rockets and Erick Dampier decided not to go through with the contract.

The 15-year veteran, played the last six years with the Dallas Mavericks and after being traded then waived by the Charlotte Bobcats this summer, Dampier, is once again on the market. In the six seasons with the Mavs, Dampier averaged 6.6 points and 7.6 rebounds.

Prior to the pick up by the Rockets, Dampier was linked to rumors with the Phoenix Suns and the Toronto Raptors, but let’s be honest, both of those teams are not doing any damage, IF they make it to the playoffs.

If Erick Dampier is looking for the perfect marriage which will lead him to his first ring, he has to consider the Miami Heat, and if the Heat want to seriously compete in a seven game series against the likes of Shaq, Kendrick Perkins, Boozer (when he returns), and Superman (Dwight Howard) – Chris Bosh and Joel Anthony are not going to cut it.

The Heat need some serious help inside; Bosh and his fellow big men are getting crushed, averaging only 41.7 rebounds a game which ranks 19th in the NBA.

Bosh has become a non factor on the boards averaging only 5.5 rebounds, thus far this season; relative to the 10.8 average he had last season with Toronto. He currently ranks third on the team in rebounding, behind Haslem who averages 8.3 and Wade who averages 5.8. Couple that with Joel Anthony, who although is not a $100 million dollar man like Bosh, is no better averaging 4.1 rebounds per game.

If the Heat are going to contend against the elite teams in this league, they are going to have to match their offensive prowess with solid rebounding. The expectations for this team are high and Championship teams like the Lakers and Celtics are made of efficient and effective role players. Erick Dampier could be that missing piece, at his best, he averaged 12 boards a game.

With an extra boost of youth by the determination of Miami’s big three, Dampier could get his numbers close to 8 boards a game. A statistic the Heat could really use. Not to mention, Anthony would be much more efficient coming off the bench. With Dampier starting at center, Bosh could play to his strengths, in the mid range game and would allow for great court spacing for the Heat.

All things considered, with the Heat’s big’s falling asleep on the boards, the potential perfect marriage between the Miami Heat and Erick Dampier, could lead to a ring for both parties.

Time for Riley to make another move.


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