Saturday, January 2, 2010

Featuring Project Spurs...

Dave and I are fortunate enough to be connected to a number of basketball bloggers and podcasters from all over and are always amazed at the level of creativity and dedication that's floating around out there.

The team over at Project Spurs falls into that category of committed, dedicated hard working dudes that not only love their Spurs but cover them like no other.

Michael De Leon, Jeff Garcia and their solid writing team deliver regular updates, breaking news and original content on all things Spurs related.

Plus you can catch up with them on game night for their pre and post game podcasts.

Project Spurs simply provides the best forum on-line for Spurs fans to vent and share their thoughts on one of the more dominant teams this past decade.

If that wasn't enough, Project Spurs has recently released the first issue of the Ultimate Fan Guide.

This full colour 24 page magazine is written by Spurs fans for Spurs fans and is available for $6.80 before shipping and handling charges.

It features a spotlight on Richard Jefferson, the Top 5 Rivals and the Evolution of Tony Parker plus more.

It's definitely worth checking out!

Michael was a recent guest on The NBA Breakdown and got us up to speed on what Project Spurs has been up to.

The entire interview can be heard here.

You can also follow them on Twitter.


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