Friday, January 8, 2010

The Can You Break It Down Artist Search!

The NBA Breakdown is on the hunt for a new theme song!

After several quality submissions, the search has been narrowed down to three Toronto-area MC's.

Each contestant was provided with current theme music for The NBA Breakdown, and the task was simply to come up with a banging new track.

They have done their part and now here’s your chance to help us make some tough decisions.

Check out the submissions below and participate in our on-line poll to let us know which Toronto-based MC you think did the best job.

Voting ends January 29, 2010 and the winner will be announced on the January 31, 2010 episode of The NBA Breakdown.

Duane Watson AKA "That Guy Sweets" is a Toronto-based basketball blogger/writer and joins Dave and I as a special guest judge.

Note: All entries will be reviewed by judges and the collective fan votes will represent the 4th judge.


Mic Boogie is an Oshawa, Ontario native. He's been writing for almost 20 years and has been pursuing a professional music career for about 5 years. Raw lyrics with banging beats are what to expect any time you pop in a Mic Boogie CD.

Listen to Mic Boogie's submission.

Christon Taylor aka Tboy "the dandada" immigrated to Toronto from Trinidad and Tobago at the age of 12. He has always displayed a passion for music. At age 13, rapping after school in cipher’s and listening to artists from the 90's era brought his love for the rap game to new heights.

Listen to Tboy's submission.

UZMAN got interested in music during the late 70’s and 80’s because his father was a house party host who was a DJ for his own events. With small market support in Canada and major personal challenges during the mid 90’s, UZMAN was forced out of business and vowed to seriously return which he did in March 2009 releasing a demo EP called “The Buzz Creator”.

Listen to UZMAN's submission.

Help us decide by casting your vote!!

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