Monday, December 14, 2009

Are YOU Ready To Win A SLAM Prize Pack?

What's up everyone?

Are you getting psyched? You should be because a pretty exciting thing is going to happen on The NBA Breakdown this Sunday night. Yep, Audley and I will be giving away our first SLAM Prize Pack of our new season!

To take part in the second annual SLAM/NBA Breakdown Trivia Challenge just check out SLAM's website to read our trivia question then call us this Sunday at 9pm ET to give us your answer.

If you're right then you'll be the proud new owner of a fantastic SLAM Prize Pack!

What are you waiting for? Check out, do your research and give us a call this Sunday night for your chance to win!

Oh, did I mention we also have a few mystery guests on the program? Well, now you know!


PS --) The show number to call is (347) 237-5199. If Audley's mom picks up just tell her Dave sent you. Later!

Listen to the winner here.

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