Thursday, June 4, 2009

The NBA Finals: Where Speculation Happens!

So we're on the verge of The NBA Finals and as expected, there's tons of speculation floating around. There never seems to be a shortage of opinions on what the outcome of the Finals will be, especially this time of year.

The reality is that nobody really knows but it's sure fun to speculate, ain't it?.

As more and more opinions sprout up, a slew of questions are generated.

Here's a few that we won't have answers to until after opening tip:

- Is Shaq's blessing enough to get Kobe a ring?

- Will Dwight Howard's million dollar smile make him the next advertising powerhouse?

- Is Jameer playing or not?

- How long will it take before Jeff Van Gundy's biasness shines through?

- And finally, will Barack Obama get this one right?

The answers to some of these questions will come sooner than others but in the meantime, consider this for a moment.

As much as the Lakers are considered to be the favourites to win their 15th title in franchise history.

The one thing you haven't heard the experts say is that LA will completely dominate or even sweep Orlando in this series.

At the same time, a majority of those who feel the Magic have a shot are saying it'll take them at least 6 games.

Assuming the individual performances of Howard and Kobe cancel themselves out, the role players will be key in this series.

Guys like Odom, Turkoglu, Lewis and Gasol will have to perform to give their respective teams a shot at winning.

This is all a pretty good indication that this year's final should be real close and entertaining.

The NBA Finals: Where Speculation Happens!

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