Monday, June 15, 2009

How's It Taste Shaq?

It's been almost a year ago since Kobe and his Lakers were on the wrong end of a 39-point margin in a decisive NBA finals game.

They've had an entire year to think about it and the Lakers have righted the wrong perpetrated against them and have given Jack a reason to celebrate.

The boys in Gold & Purple played like champs throughout the series and overcame a couple of close encounters that could have changed the complexion of the series.

This includes a blown lay up by Courtney Lee in Game 2 and a ton of missed free throws by the Magic in Game 4.

With the newly named, Bill Russell trophy in one hand and the Four Horseman symbol in the other, Kobe and the Gang Celebrated on the Magic's home floor.

To top it off, they'll have the honour of heading to the White House in the fall to meet with Mr. Barack "Lakers in six, I think" Obama.

The Lakers are this year's champions and Kobe has finally solidified his legacy by capturing a title without Shaquille O'Neal at his side.

Speaking of the big fella, he's got a new favorite song these days.

It's called " Shaq, tell me how ass taste"

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