Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sheriff Speaks

Growing up as a kid, my mom used to say that there`s more than one way to tell a story. Two individuals can go through the same situation but their individual perspectives can drastically impact how the events are told.

On that note, Dave and I have decided to share a story that former Breakdown guest, Olden Polynice told us from his perspective.

You see, while playing for the Utah Jazz, Olden ran into some difficulty with the local authorities and was charged with impersonating a police officer after a minor traffic accident.

As a result, his team suspended him for one-game for pleading guilty to a class B misdemeanor in Salt Lake City for impersonating an officer and disorderly conduct.

As you`ll hear from Olden`s perspective, the events that took place that day weren`t exactly as reported.

Click here to listen to Olden`s story.

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