Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing Ray Johnston....

How's it going everybody?!

Get ready for a special episode this week! We're happy to have a very inspiring former Dallas Mavericks summer league point guard and talented musician on the program. His name is Ray Johnston. He was cool enough to spend some time with us to discuss his summer league experience with the Mavs, his battle with leukemia and the rising success of the Ray Johnston Band.

He's a first class guy with an incredible story. Even Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban loves this guy big time! Check it out!

Click here to listen to the interview.

In addition, since this episode will air on the night of the Academy Awards...

We will also give out our own little golden statues to various NBA coaches and players. So, who will win Best Actor? Well, if it's for flopping to the ground as soon as someone breathes on him then it's Vlade Divac EVERY time!

But, since he's not playing anymore, we'll look for someone else.

Anyway, it'll be an inspiring and fun show this Sunday at 9pm ET!

We'll catch up with you then!

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