Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reflection with Nick Anderson

The NBA Breakdown reflects back on a conversation we had with the Orlando Magic's first ever draft pick, Nick Anderson.

Nick's a great guy and he chatted and got us up to speed on what he's doing to keep himself busy, his thoughts on playing for the Magic and what it's like to be Shaq's buddy.

Listen to the interview.

The NBA Breakdown - For hoops talk, the way it should be!

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  1. Dear Dave & Audley of the NBA Breakdown,
    You are now officially my favorite podcast for basketball on the web. I just want to let you know this was a great episode and I just started listening starting last week. I completely agree that Nick Anderson's number should be retired as well. Looking forward to next weeks show.
    P.S What kind of advice can you guys give to young basketball bloggers out there?

  2. Hey Lucas,

    Thanks for rolling through and checking us out!

    Glad you like the show, we have some big plans for the upcoming season so I'd suggest that you keep it locked.

    If I were to give you some advice, I'd break it down (no pun intended) like this.

    First of all - Be authentic - Take the time to find your own voice - there's a lot of people out there doing some good stuff. Trust me, if you don't keep it real by pretending to be something your not - people will sniff you out a mile away and your longevity immediately is in jeopardy. Plus it's far easier to be you than someone else.

    Secondly,strive to out do yourself - One of our goals has always been to make the next show better than the last. Don't get comfortable because you did well once. I'm not saying to not be proud of your efforts - I just think that spending a lot of time standing in front of the mirror smiling at the great things you've done will only take you so far.

    Finally, keep grinding. I know it sounds a bit clicheish but it's true. There's a ton of content out there and the reality is that the two things that will separate you from others is being consistent and your own voice (point#1).

    Anyhow, take care and we'll touch base later!

    Thanks for the support!

  3. Thank you so much. Your words truly inspire me and I will listen to every bit of advice you just gave me. If you have a minute or two check my blog @