Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Time For The People To Decide!

An ongoing battle has been taking place all season long between Dave & Audley and this week it finally comes to an end.

They'll be squaring off against one another in their fantasy league for the final time of the regular season.

In the past, the loser (Dave) has been forced to embarass himself in front of a world wide audience by making ridiculous animal sounds.

It started off with the chicken challenge:

Then it became the elephant showdown:

And now we've decided to put the choice in the hands of the people.

Check out the on-line poll on and let us know what you think the loser should do.

It'll take a quick second to vote but the results could bring about enough shame and humiliation to last a lifetime for the loser.

For hoops talk, the way it should be!

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